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pokemon 3ds emulator Pokemon 3DS is characterized by the same sound that you have heard from Pokemon Diamond, though there were some modifications made for Blizzard and Shadow Ball. The sound is still distinctly Pokemon, but you cannot deny the sound already has some twist to it so it does not seem like a direct copy from the older game. Some of the tunes may sound random and odd, as if they were just mixed into the game’s sound for no reason at all. However, you might have the Theme Plasma theme stuck in your head for sometime.

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It is a good ear candy that you cannot easily forget. There are old sounds, but they are already modified ones.  You may need sometime to adjust to the graphics as with all games in 3D. You still need to get used to exploring 3D areas that were not available in previous games. This sense of exploration should help you avoid missing out on some parts of the game. There is also this interesting thing about the camera moving around the players during battles. Even if Generation 5 Pokemon may be a bit strange, this is not something new to Pokemon at all because previous generations were weird too. Each Pokemon has signature moves, which are oddly made perfect for the sprites. You can just imagine the effort that the team has placed on developing such moves. Moreover, you cannot stop but learn to appreciate little changes done to some Pokemon, such as how the ice-cream Pokemon called Banipucchi now sports some snowflake sparkles. However, Elite 4 and Gym Leaders are already devoid of sprites. They might be saving the feature for the third version of the series which will likely be released a few years from now. I can say thought that the graphics are excellent.


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Pokemon 3DS games have always been known for their replayability, as with this game. This game may not be easily forgotten for years to come due to the game’s new and fun moves plus Pokemon abilities.
RATING: 10/10 Pokemon DS vs 3DS cartridge